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How it Started

Traditional job sites are filled with scams.

The truth is, they prioritize selling ads over ensuring a safe job-hunting experience for candidates. Scammers exploit this by posting fake job listings to serve their own agendas.

In 2022, as I was looking for an alternative method, I noticed a surge in available Customer Success jobs, including remote positions.

However, many of the jobs posted as available on mainstream job boards did not actually exist on the companies' own websites.

Frustrated by all these platforms posting fake opportunities, I started collecting customer success job listings directly from the companies' websites daily, including remote customer success roles.

This initiative led to the creation of where we had over 750+ registered candidates seeking remote customer success jobs.

We recently decided to turn the job board into a powerful communication channel with a daily newsletter so job seekers can access the latest exclusive opportunities, including remote positions, faster.

The Goal of Traditional Job Boards

Most of the other well-known mainstream job boards primarily generate revenue by selling ads.

Their focus is on ads, not on your unemployment concerns.

Scammers take advantage by posting non-existent jobs to keep their ads running.

According to this research published in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), many companies don’t post specific roles on social media to avoid being flooded with thousands of resumes, including remote customer success jobs.

They also recommend you to apply for a job within the first 24 hours of the job being posted.”

And this is why our newsletter exists today.

TopCSjobs Newsletter

We are different.

Our top priority is to help job seekers like you by sharing the latest and authentic customer success job opportunities posted by verified companies worldwide, including remote positions, within the first 24 hours of their publication as recommended by the SHRM.

Why Does TopCSjobs Charge Job Seekers When Other Job Boards Are Free?

We don’t rely on ads.

This gives us the freedom to select the best Customer Success jobs, including remote ones, only.

We carefully choose companies before featuring their jobs to ensure there is no scam or fake jobs on our platform.

This sets us apart and our subscribers rely on our Premium service for that same reason.

"The daily curated list is very helpful, thanks for this service!”

Dana Burger, TopCSjobs Premium Subscriber

Dana Burger, CSM - TopCSjobs Premium Subscriber

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